United States: The Conflict On Raise Tobacco Taxes In New York State

New York State Legislature recently passed a tobacco tax bill. The end of the tax bill in the state 20 years to tobacco retailers are taxed on the Indian debate, and makes New York tax free newports became the highest state tobacco tax.
According to contents of the bill, from July 1, the state’s cigarette excise tax per pack tax would raise $ 1.6, up to $ 4.35. Tax increases also rapidly expanding into other tobacco products, cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, etc. will be carried out according to the weight or the wholesale price of tax increases. Cigarette tax legislation will also allow government departments since September 1 on Indian reservations sales, brewing this measure has lasted fourth term as governor.
Some critics said the bill flawed, prone to include the Seneca tribe (the largest U.S. cigarette sales tax-free Indian tribes), including Indian tribes to seek compensation from the federal government, Indian tribes and to the production and sale of the national cigarette brand change a more convenient and profitable.
Supporters of the bill believe that high tobacco taxes and sales taxes to Indian tribes would be a great benefit to public health, not only can reduce the tens of thousands of smokers, but also to increase the much-needed tax revenue, New York.
In this regard, Seneca tribal leaders Barry Schneider (Barry Snyder), however, took a different view. “Indian reservations do not respect the autonomy of the tribes, violated the rights of our due, is an act of extortion by our economic resources to rescue New York’s economy. Governors and state legislatures should be plundered our members Resources ashamed. due to excessive consumption and poor management, they have their own economic resources wasted and exhausted. “He said that if this bill is implemented, engaged in the tobacco business in 3000 Mingseneika Seneca tribe and other non-Indian tribal employees will lose their jobs at risk.

A Call for a Ban of Cigarette Displays
Not all tax proponents have expressed satisfaction with the bill. For the vulnerability of the bill, tobacco giant Altria Group has set June 21 in New York State Capitol lobbyist for a team, made a series of Marlboro Cigarettes amendments to ensure that Indian cigarette tax can be achieved. However, the office of New York Gov. David Paterson spokesman Morgan Hook said, this does not mean that the governor meant. Governor will not sign any agreement does not meet the interests of the state and the Indian reservations and Indian tribes and other units.
Some lawmakers expressed their concerns. $ 1.6 per pack tobacco tax increase, will allow Indian businessmen to obtain non-Indian businessman than $ 43.25 per pay less tax advantages in the consumption tax. New York Senator James Hayes said the actual occurrence of this trick. He said the governor has been for several years to the Indian income tax is expected to be included from the 2008 state budget, as a means to increase fiscal spending, but did not really put tax act.
Manhattan Democrat Herman Farrell said Sept. 1 in order to ensure the implementation of the bill, the new plan is brewing. “We have a very tight fiscal balance, so the bill must be implemented, I think this should be able to succeed.” He says.
Some Republican lawmakers who might be smokers to buy cigarettes and other surrounding areas of Pennsylvania expressed concern.

Consumption tax because there is only $ 1.6 per pack, $ 2.75 per pack Newport 100s Cigarettes tax is lower than the mention of New York. Meanwhile, the implementation of the bill may also have some security risks – the violence if the tobacco companies taxed September 1 to Indian reservations, and may occur between the law enforcers and the Indian opponents. In 1995, when the state government once taxed attempt, police and Indians were injured in the violence, the highway has also been closed Indian opponents.