SEATCA Cites DOF, DOH for Sin Tax Achievements

A multi-sectoral alliance group has awarded the Philippine government for its landmark achievement in tobacco control, particularly the passage and ongoing implementation of the Philippine Sin Tax Reform Law.

In 2013, the National Government collected P51.17 billion in incremental revenue from the sin tax, higher than the projected incremental revenue target of P33.96 billion.

The Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) bestows the award on individuals or institutions in appreciation of those who exemplify outstanding leadership and service to advance tobacco control in the ASEAN region.

At the World Health Organization’s Western Pacific Regional Office in Manila, SEATCA vice chairman Prakit Vathesatokit commended the Department of Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima for their hard work and technical support in seeing through the sin tax reform law, highlighting its team’s dedication and perseverance which will not only generate additional government revenues but also achieve even more significant health outcomes.

“This SEATCA award is presented to Secretary Cesar Purisima and the Finance department sin tax reform team for the leadership and courage inputting health before profits and promoting strong tobacco control measures,” said Vathesatokit.

SEATCA also awarded the Department of Health Secretary Enrique Ona for “becoming a model for many countries in Asia, which speaks of the ultimate desire to safeguard the health of the Filipino people serving as a strong backbone for a more efficient health administration in the country.”

Business ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 Undersecretary Teodoro Herbosa accepted the award in behalf of the Department of Health.

SEATCA was established to support ASEAN countries in developing and putting in place effective tobacco control policies.  It responds to the grave need to fast track tobacco control policies in Southeast Asia.

The alliance works to identify tobacco control priorities in the region and to coordinate efforts on these priorities. SEATCA promotes knowledge-sharing among countries for effective, evidence-based tobacco control measures and regional cooperation among its advocacy partners.

SEATCA is acknowledged by governments and academic institutions for its advancement of tobacco control movements in Southeast Asia. 

In 2004 the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO) presented the World No Tobacco Day Awards to SEATCA. Enditem